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Well, Super Bowl is over.

I was rooting for the Niners, but I guess the officials had to make sure Ray Lewis got his last win before retiring.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to believe that an entire game is won, or lost, by ONE call…but that hold toward the end of the game was a BIT apparent, and there were TWO refs standing right there.

End of rant.

Our Super Bowl party was a success, at least in my book.  We didn’t spend the entire first half in the kitchen, and I actually got to enjoy hanging out with friends.  AND, I didn’t have a counter top covered with beer cans and dirty dishes.  Clean up was easy!

I’m not talking about an alcohol hangover….I’m talking a football is over, it’s really REALLY a new year, Spring will be here soon, hangover.  It means that the party is over, and now I have to start thinking about deep cleaning the house, making repairs to things, touching up paint, getting organized, etc.  While I know I should be doing these things regularly, I don’t.

Since I was working full time up until last July, those weren’t always on my priority list.  Now, they are.  The house, the kids, and all the upkeep that goes with them.  Another adjustment I’m making to the home life.

So, as I’m typing this out, I have a million and one things on my to do list…and of course, I’m procrastinating.

Time to stop thinking about it, and just do it already!

First project?  Document clean out, and filing.  Maybe I’ll make a post about it.