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We started feeding our 9 month old solids in early February, and this was meant to kick it all off with a bang.

I meant to post this back in February.

I lag.  So, I didn’t.

Little man is cute, isn’t he?!



Yes, we make our own baby food, and I have to say that it’s MUCH easier than some people make it out to be, cheaper than jarred, and better for him (no added preservatives, flavors, nasty chemicals, etc.). Seriously, steam up those veggies, and pop ’em into the food processor. If you say you have no time, you’re lying…or lazy. Even when I was working full time with my first (and my husband was home more often than me), I was the one making up the food.

If anyone else is about to start, or has started, feeding their little one(s) solids, I have to link you up with Wholesome Baby Food. It was a life saver with my first, and they have such great resources for parents. Food charts by age, meal plans, recipes, etc. It’s my “baby food bible” if I must put a title on it.

We decided not to start with the rice. Simply because it’s FORTIFIED with iron. Iron is not naturally found in any of the grains suggested by pediatricians to first give your baby. I am in no way a medical professional, but our family feels that it’s probably best to feed a child foods high in nutrition…naturally.

My two cents.

What foods did you start your baby on?

All for now.